Youth AI Lab

The Youth AI Lab

The Youth AI Lab aims to make machine learning more accessible to today’s youth, the pioneers and problem solvers of the next generation. Through our programs, students can learn through peer-to-peer mentoring, hear from experts at the forefront of AI in academia and industry, and connect with others interested in working on meaningful AI projects. We hope to foster young enthusiasts who can use AI ethically to solve the world’s problems.


The Youth AI Lab produces AI Speaker Series, online Hackathons and Peer to Peer Tutoring. Selective students can participate in some summer internship programs in universities or non-profit organization to further their AI research and gain more real life experience.

The Youth AI Lab was founded by Jeffrey Pan, who is a senior at Philips Academy Andover interested in efficient and secure ML. He’s passionate about making AI accessible to people regardless of background.




How to engage:

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