Why you should or should not submit tests scores in 2021 fall application

To be or not to be

As the ED/EA deadline of 2021 fall application quickly approaching, more students are asking this question: should I submit test scores, given the wave of universities/colleges going with test optional?

In this blog, we shared a “Test Optional or Not – a Simple Guide for Fall 2021 Admission.” Read here for more https://ingenii.xyz/test-optional-or-not-a-simple-guide-for-fall-2021-admission/

Dale Price is the founder of Access College America, a national provider of college planning guidance. Today he shared his perspective on Austin Statesman. Key points:


  • Don’t think test scores no longer plays an important role, if a college adopts a “test optional” policy
  • Colleges use test scores for reporting and marketing purposes and test scores can have a big impact on their bottom-line
  • Beyond college admission process, test scores are still be used to determine financial aids and program placements
  • If you test well, you should definitely submit it unless the college is “test-blind” that doesn’t consider your scores at all
  • If you decide not to submit test scores, that means “the other factors” become more important because colleges are still using a holistic review process. That is your high school transcript, your extracurriculars, your essay and recommendations
  • Finally, you should always check with each college on your list because the policy differs from school to school

Read more on Austin Statesman: https://www.statesman.com/opinion/20200907/when–and-when-not–to-submit-test-scores-in-applying-to-college

More about Dale Price and Access College America: https://accesscollegeamerica.org/

Disclaimer: Dale Price and Access College America is not associated with Ingenii Youth. 



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