Junior Economics Club

Junior Economic Club

Junior Economic Club (JEC) is a student-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization connects a diverse set of the brightest high school students across the city with business professionals. Our goal is to educate excited students about economics, finance, and business while promoting financial literacy and establishing a supportive network of alumni and business professionals. JEC, initially established in 2014, started in Chicago but has branched out to four countries, eleven cities, and five time zones. For the past six years, JEC has empowered these students through entrepreneurship, leadership, relationship-building, and volunteering!

Once you join the JEC, you can join the Economics Forums, Member Engagement Programs and Community Initiatives.

The JEC was founded in 2014 by Sam Lurye and Samir Hadzic, students at Lincoln Park High School, and a group of like-minded high school students.


How to engage:

Join an existing chapter in your city or start a new one:


Follow JEC on Instagram @jecchicago


Image courtesy of Ma(s)king a Difference.


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