Free Webinar: AI, AR, and Tomorrow’s Realities by Dr. Ron Ho, Facebook

Dr. Ron Ho will discuss Facebook’s investments in AI and AR technologies and their importance to a new platform for social connectivity.


高中生及大学生如果对Augmented and Virtual Reality感兴趣,可以参加这个星期六晚上Facebook, Director of Silicon Engineering Dr. Ron Ho给Youth AI的特别讲座。这个讲座不能录音,不能外传,只能参加zoom session. 所以名额有限。Eventbrite里限制了注册人数。每个注册上的人都能保证能进入zoom meeting. 这个讲座因为不能录音,所以也没有Youtube Live Stream. Dr. Ho的这个讲座是通过了Facebook HR批准的。

Date And Time

Sat, September 26, 2020

7:30 PM – 8:30 PM CDT

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About this Event


Facebook has made heavy investments in Augmented and Virtual Reality. Dr. Ho will share some exciting products and projects with us. Per Dr. Ho’s request, this event won’t be recorded therefore YouTube Live Stream is not available. Only a limited number of audiences can participate in this special Zoom session so interested parties are encouraged to register ASAP.

Dr. Ron Ho has worked on silicon systems since the Intel 80486 processor in the early 1990s. He spent a decade at Intel, twelve years at Sun/Oracle, and another four years at Altera/Intel. In that time, he had focused largely on designing circuits for chip communications, CPU architecture, data center systems, and specialized workload accelerators. In 2018 he moved to Facebook, where he is currently Director of Silicon Engineering, focusing on custom silicon chips for Augmented and Virtual Reality. At Facebook, he works with a fantastic team of package, interconnect, power, and display designers to invent the future.

For previous Youth AI Talks, please watch here onYouth AI YouTube Channel.

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