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Juniorcoach association now has a chapter in texas!



现对6 –17岁青少年免费提供网络教学,学习内容:文化类提供英语课,数学课,美国历史,西班牙语等免费教学;艺术类提供钢琴,小提琴等各种乐器的免费教学,体育类提供高尔夫等1对1免费教学(目前因为COVID 暂停服务)


JuniorCoach已经建立Texas Chapter。Chapter President是Weiyu Lin,有任何问题请与他联系:[email protected]



JuniorCoach is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing peer-to-peer free instruction for youth ages 6-17 in all areas: academics, arts, sports, and hobbies. We believe that education comes from a foundation of academic success and achievement, but also from extracurricular activities, which can supplement and diversify a student’s knowledge about the world.

JuniorCoach is about creating the necessary life skills that a child needs to succeed in the real world. Our students have gone through massive personal changes through our programs: academic grades have gone up, parents say their child is more willing to engage in new activities, and students have started to realize the payoff that hard work and practice can give. This is because they have taken the skills they learned in our programs, especially our extracurricular programs, and applied it to things in their daily life—things like school, relationships with friends and family, and other extracurriculars. 

We like to call this the “extracurricular education”: the education you can’t get from formal instruction, but is so essential to the growth of a child. 

Kids will learn the importance of hard-work, tough mentality, and positive attitudes. They will also learn the importance of giving back to the community.

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Sports Program


JuniorCoach is known for its golf program, because our nonprofit started out teaching only golf. After the demand for lessons increased, we realized that we can reach more people if we teach more subjects, in all areas and fields of study. Therefore, our various programs opened up.

JuniorCoach’s golf program offers free classes taught by carefully selected qualified and competitive JuniorCoaches who can advise students on all technical aspects of the golf game. Lesson material focuses on the mental game. We hope our lesson material will be taught to be used not only in a round of golf, but in our junior golfer’s lives as well. JuniorCoach Golf promotes character development, teamwork skills, and philanthropy in student-athletes through the competitive playing of golf and the collaborative nature of fundraising. We host conferences, where we invite junior golfers, nonprofit directors, and community leaders to speak to broaden our awareness of the benefits extracurriculars and especially a sport like golf can grant for the character development of a child. 

JuniorCoach is still expanding to other sports!

Academic Program

Our JuniorCoaches tutor in all aspects of academics. This includes mathematics, English, foreign language (including Spanish, Mandarin and French), history, science and global studies.

Our tutors, on average, have a 3.8 unweighted GPA average and 80-90% percentile SAT scores. They are vetted through our application process; we only select the ones we truly believe are responsible and professional.

Arts Program

We currently have lessons in piano, drawing, painting, music theory, and voice lessons. We are still expanding this program!


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