Dual Enrollment for Engineer Your World (EYW) is Now Opened!

High school students can earn college credit

Engineer Your World (EYW) has officially opened the Dual Enrollment opportunity for high school students. This allows them to receive a college engineering credit through the University of Texas. It is an incredible opportunity for students of all ages! 

Key points: 

  • Pre-Application Deadline is September 30th. This is just the student letting UT know that they are wanting to apply. In order to pre-apply they need to create an account through EYW. The link to do so is in the packet. 
  • Only students in EYW: Engineering Design & Analysis offered by local high school are allowed to apply for a dual-enrollment opportunity at UT Austin or UT San Antonio. 
  • Applying for Dual Enrollment is free, but if you choose to enroll (and get accepted) the cost of the class is $300.
  • Dual Enrollment is different than Dual Credit! Dual enrollment requires students to submit additional assignments directly to the University of Texas professor who teaches this course. 
  • This means the student will receive a pass/fail credit in the class based on these additional assignments, not a high school grade. 

Why Dual Enrollment:

While students have many opportunities to earn college-level credit during high school, Engineer Your World’s dual-enrollment program offers unique benefits to participants. The goal is not simply to issue three hours of college credit, but rather to ensure that students understand how course assignments, instructor expectations, and grading may differ between high school and college engineering programs.

Experiencing authentic college-level assignments and expectations while still in high school prepares students for a successful transition to college coursework.


More about Dual Enrollment for Engineer Your World (EYW) , please visit http://engineeryourworld.org/courses/dual-enrollment/


Disclaimer: Ingenii Youth is neither endorsing nor sponsoring this event nor approving or endorsing the views of the organization sponsoring the activity.


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