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Free Online Chinese Book Club

线上中文读书俱乐部的目标 孩子们通过阅读分享和语言交流结交新朋友 培养孩子对中文阅读的兴趣。通过阅读,更加深入地了解中国文化,扩展知识面。 培养孩子的责任感和为他人奉献的社区服务意识。 培养参加者的领导力,创造力及与人合作的能力。 线上中文读书俱乐部开展的形式 通过Zoom 进行,每周一次或者多次。 由志愿者(学生或者家长)选择合适的中文书籍,带领参加者阅读,讨论和开展有趣的活动。 LeapUp和志愿者共同招募俱乐部成员。 LeapUp组织志愿者安排活动时间,并定期组织反馈和讨论。 报名方式: 欢迎在美国的华裔和国内中小学生申请加入志愿者队伍,年龄不限。 扫描下面的二维码报名。

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Vern Tutoring Offers Free Tutoring for Grades 2-8

Vern Tutoring is a system for kids in grades 2 – 8 to learn in a unique, virtual setting! As all of our tutoring services are held virtually, we are able to offer you the same high-quality learning experience whenever and wherever you are.

Vern Tutoring aims to make learning fun and useful. Instead of using the same boring methods you learn in school, Vern Tutoring wants to help you understand the information by utilizing new creative methods. 

Each with straight A’s and high SAT scores, Vern Tutors will always be here to guide and support you. Top of their classes, you couldn’t ask for better teachers!

Vern Tutoring is currently offering free virtual classes in math, science, writing, debate and history.

更多关于Vern Tutoring信息请访问:

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BEATASTIC Starts the Fall Season!

Beatastic is a non-profit organization comprised of many passionate and talented young musicians. We offer high-quality classes and programs to inspire students to pursue and advance their interests in music.

Beatastic currently offers RCM THEORY CLASSES, ABRSM THEORY CLASSES, COMPOSITION CLASSES and VOICE CLASSES for FREE! Please visit their websites to register for classes or volunteer!


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Even Everything is Cancelled, You can Still Stand Out in Your College Application

Strategies to deal with the UNPRECEDENTED 2021 college application

2021 Fall Application is fast approaching. High school seniors, are you ready?

COVID-19 has changed so many things and there are a lot that are uncertain. But one thing we can be sure: the college application will never be the same.

So this article is not just for the seniors, but for all high school students.

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Free Webinar: College Application Information Sessions for Students

Princeton Review offers two online information sessions about the application process.

COVID-19 & the Changes to the SAT, ACT & AP Exams

Wednesday September 16, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT

Register Now


SAT/ACT Information & Strategy Session

Wednesday September 23, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT

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