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Category: STEM

Vern Tutoring Offers Free Tutoring for Grades 2-8

Vern Tutoring is a system for kids in grades 2 – 8 to learn in a unique, virtual setting! As all of our tutoring services are held virtually, we are able to offer you the same high-quality learning experience whenever and wherever you are.

Vern Tutoring aims to make learning fun and useful. Instead of using the same boring methods you learn in school, Vern Tutoring wants to help you understand the information by utilizing new creative methods. 

Each with straight A’s and high SAT scores, Vern Tutors will always be here to guide and support you. Top of their classes, you couldn’t ask for better teachers!

Vern Tutoring is currently offering free virtual classes in math, science, writing, debate and history.

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Austin High School Senior Started Austin Tutoring Association

Eric Yang tried to find a solution for the shortage of tutors

Eric Yang is a senior at Austin High School. He recently launched Austin Tutoring Association, to provide tutoring that was “both accessible and fun”, a tutoring service that offered low prices and down to earth student mentors.

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Former NASA Engineer Created Lingo to Make STEM Easy

Aisha Bowe

Alisha Bowe is the Founder & CEO of STEMBoard, an agile technology solutions company that specializes in using big data to create smart systems & software solutions for clients in the public and private sectors.

In the past seven years, Alisha’s company has evolved to include an educational department with a product line designed to inspire teens worldwide to pursue a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) regardless of their background or lack of resources. Recently, her team created Lingo, which offers the self-paced building kits for youth. 

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Girls Programming League Challenge 2020 Open for Registration

GPL Challenge 2020

On September 19th, 2020, GPL Club will host the 3rd annual GPL Challenge virtually. It will include morning programming competition session for middle/high school girls and the afternoon talk and panel discussion given by academic and industrial female leaders in STEM area. The competition will provide female students with the opportunity to solve algorithmic programming problems in a supportive environment for both beginning and experienced programmers. The keynote speech and panel discussion will give the participants insight into the current state of the STEM field from a female perspective.

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The Program

CACHET (the College Admissions Collaborative Highlighting Engineering & Technology) and StriveScan are offering a second set of STEM related information sessions for high school students and counselors. Topics include Internships, Co-ops and Research in STEM, Project-Based Learning, Women in STEM, Communicating your STEM interests in your College Application, and How STEM Schools Enhance Learning Beyond the Classroom. Once again, there are more than 30 sponsoring colleges and universities from all over the country including Carnegie Mellon, Rose-Hulman, Dartmouth, RIT, Olin, Harvey Mudd, Colorado School of Mines, Drexel, Syracuse, Wentworth, Purdue, Georgia Tech, WPI, Mass Maritime Academy, Washington University in St. Louis and Bucknell.

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Youth AI Lab

The Youth AI Lab

The Youth AI Lab aims to make machine learning more accessible to today’s youth, the pioneers and problem solvers of the next generation. Through our programs, students can learn through peer-to-peer mentoring, hear from experts at the forefront of AI in academia and industry, and connect with others interested in working on meaningful AI projects. We hope to foster young enthusiasts who can use AI ethically to solve the world’s problems.

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