Austin High School Senior Started Austin Tutoring Association

Eric Yang tried to find a solution for the shortage of tutors

Eric Yang is a senior at Austin High School. He recently launched Austin Tutoring Association, to provide tutoring that was “both accessible and fun”, a tutoring service that offered low prices and down to earth student mentors.


“There is definitely a need for some good one to one tutoring because I feel like with me having this hybrid schedule and many people switching to distance learning, it’s very difficult for children to get good one to one tutoring,” said Yang.

Eric and two of his friends started the service and now ATA is an official nonprofit organization. He plans to save some money for college and give back by offering underprivileged students free sessions.


Math is Eric’s favorite subject as he took calculus through the University of Minnesota and founded his own math club. He can tutoring all Math K-12 as well as ACT, having scored a 35. Other tutors on ATA websites can tutor Math, Language Arts and Science. The service rate is $16 per hour. 

For more information on ATA, visit their website at

To book a session, fill out this Google Form first, then visit their Facebook page to choose a time


Disclaimer: Ingenii Youth is neither endorsing nor sponsoring this event nor approving or endorsing the views of the organization sponsoring the activity.


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