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We are constantly adding new resources and will do our best to organize in a way that is easy to find. Next time, when you are in search of an idea for your child, just visit us and search!



From webinars to lessons, there are so many free or paid channels that you can learn from. You can listen or watch past events or check out the Event page not to miss any future opportunities!



Still have questions? Feel free to contact us! We are a group of experienced parents and educators and we can point you in the right direction!


Ingenii, a Latin word for talent.

Youth development, in short, is to unlock a young person’s talent and maximize his or her potential. To do so, parents need to identify resources that can stimulate their minds and let them explore possibilities.

There are so many wonderful resources out there, yet parents and youth are constantly searching. With overwhelming information, parents are still wondering, am I missing the best opportunities for my child?

INGENII YOUTH, is our effort to bring everything together and organized in a way that is easy for parents to find resources that are trustworthy and effective. It is also a platform for youth to connect, learn, and serve.


Some of the content is curated from the internet to promote the intended purpose of the given individual and organization from the source. If you would rather us not include you, your story, or your organization on this site, please simply send us an email via the Contact Us page, and we will remove it as soon as possible!